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Practice Start-Up

Start Your Private Practice

It is difficult to anticipate all the complexities of starting a new medical practice, whether you're just entering the medical profession, leaving an established practice, or looking to transition your practice. We have strategically designed our start-up services to anticipate all of the challenges that may arise, mitigate risks, optimize our budget, and build a strong foundation for the future of our practice and claim reimbursement. Every delay in the process directly impacts a practice's ability to generate revenue. Our comprehensive start-up services allow our clients to start treating patients sooner and begin seeing a return on their investment.


Our experienced consultants have worked with many providers and are here to guide you to the best solutions and vendors for every aspect of your new practice. Don't leave anything to chance! 


Discover your revenue potential. We know that minimizing expenses and maximizing your revenue potential from the beginning is the foundation of a successful practice. We are with you through every aspect of starting your new medical practice.


There are several moving parts to building a successful practice, and joggling everything yourself can be time-consuming and frustrating.


We know the common errors many new practitioners make while setting up a new practice, and we can help guarantee you avoid making the same mistakes. 

Our Medical Practice Startup Solutions

When it comes to starting a practice, there are several ways we can help you. Below is a list of the typical startup requirements we can guide you on with our comprehensive practice startup consulting service.

Business Plan / Pro Forma
Commercial Real Estate
Website Design and Online Marketing
Technology/Information Systems

Practice Financing Assistance
Medical Office Design and Buildout
RCM and Billing Solutions
Medical Equipment and Supplies
Site Visits / Ongoing Practice Management

Demographic Analyses
Medical Malpractice Insurance
Human Resources
Policies & Procedures Manual

If there is something not listed overhead that you need assistance with, contact us today. We can help you determine the best options for your practice startup and ongoing practice management through our numerous professional vendor partners.

Bijou Health can help reduce the headaches of starting a practice so that you can enjoy the excitement that comes with the monumental achievement of this stage of your career.


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