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Expert Healthcare Consulting

A Difference Among Health Consulting Companies

The fact is, health in 2020 and forward will have a dramatic demand and need for information management, distribution, and vetting. Bijou Health can help redesign the systems that provide some of the most critical data required to operate a health organization successfully. That includes areas like enrollment, contract establishments, practice startups, credentialing, and more. What used to be backwater administration resources now represent a significant part of the most critical cost river and revenue channels in a modern healthcare system today. Bijou Health can efficiently guide your team into the next evolution of your company's data management and strategic transformation phase needed to move forward.

While many health consulting companies reiterate and don’t produce answers, Bijou Health delivers and then continues to again and again. The proof is in performance provided to past clients and why they keep bringing Bijou’s team back challenge after challenge. We get the job done right the first time, every time. Clients expect a consulting partner, and we don’t fail or shy away from the task.


Making the leap from sole practitioner to a multi-provider group or merely running a busy single location practice is easier said than done. Our consultants streamline processes, eliminate redundancy, reduce bottlenecks and communication gaps, and ensure proper follow-through. We specialize in maximizing workflows, clinical operations, and the required administrative procedures needed to handle everything that comes with running a medical practice.


Finding good people is a time-consuming and challenging process. Many of the DIY tools available don't screen applicants, and you end up sorting through countless unqualified applicants. Let us save you time and money by doing the heavy lifting and presenting qualified candidates for your practice. For a one-time, flat placement fee, we provide concierge recruitment, placing, and monitoring to ensure employee success.
Already have the right staff in place, but looking to get them up to speed with best practices? Let our experts provide in-service sessions for your team to ensure they create the very best patient experience by working collaboratively and efficiently to handle your busy practice workload. Staffing and training


Managing and sustaining growth is not easy. Even with the right people, and proper processes, there are still regulations to adhere to, benchmarks to beat, and large-scale projects to complete. 
Need help with accreditation for your organization? Need help with how to model what your new partner will mean for revenue? Want to finally launch that private practice you've been dreaming about forever? We have helped with it all. Our team of consultants can provide some free advice on where to get started. We are here for you!

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