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Hello, we're Bijou Health

we represent 20+ years of expertise in the healthcare industry.



Our mission is to empower all healthcare providers with the tools needed to practice and thrive independently. We create solutions that enhance the quality of your practice, reduce healthcare costs, and mitigate risks.


To create a flourishing and profitable firm by providing first-class service and superior outcomes for our clients. We aim to be recognized by healthcare practitioners and our peers as industry experts.


Bijou Health strives to be the employer that every team member and customer is thrilled to be a part of. Our values and vision dictate everything we do and how we do it. 



At Bijou Health, we see ourselves are an extension of your staff, a part of your team. Since the beginning, we have remained committed to our founding principles. The idea of healthier patients, creating a healthier society by allowing practitioners to focus on patients, is the driving force behind Bijou Health. 

We are a locally owned and operated organization, with all our staff based right here in the US. Our team comprises certified and passionate professionals with over 20 years of experience in the medical billing industry. Leveraging information technology with powerful credentialing, revenue cycle, new practice start-ups, and consulting services set us apart from other billing companies.

The entire team is committed to delivering exceptional client support, and we are always looking for new ways to solve our clients’ challenges. The practices we help to achieve optimal care tasks, improve healthcare outcomes, reduce operational costs, and improve the patient experience. We see a continued future where we work collaboratively with practitioners of all backgrounds making the practice of medicine pleasant and fulfilling for everyone.

Bijou Health is a proud Black-Owned, Women-Owned business. 



We are judged by the craftsmanship of our products and services, so the highest standards must be maintained. 


Acting with solid values is a focus for everyone representing our organization and the company’s conduct as a whole. 


When people work together, something greater than themselves as can be created. 


Creating an outstanding client experience begins with staying true to our words and the bonds we make. 


The boldness to shape a better tomorrow. 


Accepting responsibility for your actions is the greatest way to build trust internally and externally. 

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:

Bijou has long fostered non-discriminatory practices. We require diversity and anti-discrimination training for every team member. We adhere strictly to the provisions of being an equal opportunity employer. We believe race should not ever be considered when a position is being filled. 100% of the time, we focus on hiring the best possible candidate for the job, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, etc. We advocate and practice hiring the best of the best as the only way to go.


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 We work collaboratively with our clients to accurately and efficiently meet the demands of the ever-changing healthcare landscape. 

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